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Manual Dialling

Not using a state-of-the-art predictive dialer? Then you could be losing leads – and sales!

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Predictive Dialling

High Performance Predictive Dialer Software

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Multichannel Contact Center Solutions

Multichannel contact centers give customers the flexibility to choose the method of contact that makes the most sense for theme at any.

Unified Communications System

Also know as an IP PBX, Unified Communications system or bussiness phone system, a PBX acts as the central switching system for phone calls within a business.

Hosted Contact Center

A hosted contact center offers all the utilities associated with running a customer service outfit with a pay-as-you-go plan.

Outbound Call Center Suite

Outbound Call Center Suite is a flexible tool that allows contact centers to manage optimal outbound campaigns. Algorithms allow for maximum customer contacts in a minimal amount of time, while targeting precise campaign sales and service objectives. Outbound call center suit is effectively used for outbound calling process like telemarketing, collection, survey etc. to achieve maximum productivity of Agents.

Inbound CallCenter Suit

Inbound CallCenter Suit- Automatic Control the distribution of your inbound calls to available agents and reduce processing times for higher customer satisfaction and quick response time. It also provides personalized routing scripts that can be modify at any time. It helps in Agent performance like first call resolution (FCR), average handle time (AHT) and time in queue.

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